Making a Photocard with Pixlr

making photocards

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


open file pixlr

2.  Navigate to where your LD images are stored on your computer.  Select the image you are looking for.  We suggest, that for this, you start with yourLD Photocard Fav Template First.  This is because a .png file behaves differently in Pixlr than a .jpeg does and your photo is probably a .jpeg.  So, we are just trying to save you some steps.  So open your template image you want to use.


3.  Next go to File> Open Image and navigate to the folder on your computer that has your family photos you want to use.  Choose your photo and click Open.


4.  Choose Edit>Select All (on your photo) or Ctr + A and then Edit >Copy or Ctr +C.  This action copies your photo.

5.  Move back to your Photocard Fav Print Template and choose Edit>Paste or Ctr + V.  This action pastes your photo into the same canvas.  Your photo will likely not come in at the perfect size and need to be sized.  If it comes in too big, that's great.  You can size down photos with no harm.  If it comes in slightly too small, no problem.  You can enlarge a little and not have it get too pixelated.  However, if your photo is very small compared to the template, you need to get a photo with higher resolution. We will talk about sizing in another step. This step was only about PASTING.

6.  Make sure your layers palette is showing by clicking View>Layers 


7. Make sure you are on your photo layer by looking at your layers palette. You can tell because there is mini images of what is on each layer. Drag the photo layer so it is UNDER the layer of the photocard (just like you would want it if you were layering it in real life).


8.You will want to re-size your photo.  Go to Edit>Free Transform.  This gives you a bounding box around your photo.  Hold down shift to constrain the photo so you don't make in disproportionate.


9. Size the photo and place it where you want it in the photo frame.


10. If you want you can change the photo at this point.  In the example we made it almost grayscale with Adjustment>Hue & Saturation.  

11. If you want to add your own text visit the text tutorial.


11. Go to File >Save . A window opens that you can type name in.  You can change the name here. The default format will be the original format of the LD file.  You will probably want to change it in the drop-down box to JPEG.   The quality is up to you.  80 is great.  You can go bigger if you want.  Click OK.

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You will often need to edit and move around your locked .jpeg layer.  To do this you need to know how to make it a workable layer.

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


oved around and easily edited.

Costco has the best deals for printing but figuring out how to upload your own photocard is a trick!1.  Go to Photo Center and sign in.2.  Go to  UPLOAD PHOTOS and upload your photocards you have made. See our tutorial of how to make them in Pixlr.3.  Click on SHOP CARDS in top menu4. Click on 6x7.5 Photo Greeting Cards 5. Choose More6. You can switch the orientation at the bottom with the radial button if need be7. When the Save Dialog opens up, name your project.  It will default to today's date. Click Save.8. Click Continue9. If it looks great, ..

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