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Everyone will be "Nuts and Bots" about this Valentine Box. Modify one of our favorite new Cut Sets to make this electrifying box perfect for your little guy or girl.Materials Used:Curiosity Cut It SetAccordion Fold Rosettes Cut It ProjectSNF Simon Says FontShoe boxes (I used smaller kids shoe boxes)gesso or paint primerpaintspray adhesiveglue gunpaper cupsscrew bradsDirections:Decide where you want your valentine opening and cut those holes in your boxes. I cut my hole in the top center where the antennae is glued to, and a 2nd hole in the bottom box on the back. Then proceed by applying gesso..
Looking for LD's current coupon codes and promotions? Check back often for up to date sales, promo codes, and coupon codes.The Fall Feast Sale has started! Save 75% on select Halloween product! Shop the Boo Sale here!New promo! $18 in FREE Thanksgiving product can be yours! See how!..
These cute images from the "I'm Stuffed" collection are easy to convert to sewing patterns.  You can apply these instructions to any of the animals besides the sloth.  These are simple instructions meant for someone familiar with sewing.  Supplies:iron-on vinylsolid, light colored fabricthreadpossibly, another coordinating fabric fiberfill or stuffing1.  The toughest part of this project is making the reverse of the top layer.  This is going to be the layer you cut out of iron-on vinyl and apply to plain fabric such as white cotton or muslin.2. a. In Adobe Il..
Earn the Uni-quely Cute - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $10 or more. Offer valid from Mar 1st - Apr 5th Uni-quely Cute - Promotional Bundle: Uni-quely Cute - GS$4Uni-quely Cute - CS$5Uni-quely Cute - Phrases - GS$4Uni-quely Cute - Phrases - CS$5Uni-quely Charming - GS$4Uni-quely Charming - CS$5Uni-quely Cute - CP$6Uni-quely Cute - AL$4Uni-quely Cute - PP$4Uni-quely Charming - AL$4Total:$45 How to redeem: Add Uni-quely Cute - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $10 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: unique The ..
Earn the Shadow Play - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $14 or more. Offer valid from May 1st - June 12th Shadow Play - Promotional Bundle: Shadow Play - AL$4Shadow Play - PP$2Shadow Play - Three Bears - SS$4Shadow Play - Three Bears - GS$4Shadow Play - Three Bears - PR$4Shadow Play - Three Pigs - SS$4Shadow Play - Three Pigs - GS$4Shadow Play - Three Pigs - PR$4Shadow Play - Royal Theater - SS$4Shadow Play - Royal Theater - GS$4Shadow Play - Royal Theater - PR$4Shadow Play - Little Red - SS$4Shadow Play - Little Red - GS$4Shadow Play - Little Red - PR$4Shadow Play - Theater..
Technically Cricut Design Space is not software.  Cricut software used to be designed to only be used on Cricut machines and only used with Cricut product.  However they created Cricut Design Space, which supports non-Cricut files and has the bonus of being cloud-based software so it is available everywhere you go.  It features:the ability to upload and use your own designsa "Cut What You Want" tool makes it easy to convert any image into a cuttable imagesupports .svg, .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, and .dxf filesit is FREEupload your own fontscruise projects with easy to follow instru..
Do you own a personal die cutting machine?  If so, LD is the best site for the greatest value in cutting machine files.  We call our cutting machine files "Cut Sets".  We have a number of different types of files for cutting machines.  Learn about our Cut Sets here and if you are confused to how a cut set differs from a regular graphics files click here.We've been working on articles to help our customers understand how to use their cutting machines.  Every machine has software that makes it possible to use our files. Some machines only allow you to use the n..
New Dino-mite product coming soon... dino-mite

We love making our customers happy and giving away product and doing amazing specials.  We have a special offer that we are running seven days from October 20th - October 27th (MST).  During this time frame the actions you take can help you earn a fabulous freebie!  Here is how it works:

  1. From October October 20th - October 27th Midnight (MST) make a new account on Lettering Delights.  Making an account is easy, free, and comes with $40 in FREE product.
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Celebrate Valentines Day with LD!  Happy Valentines Day and to help you celebrate, Lettering Delights is giving you the following when you create an account at LD: 75% OFF VALENTINE PRODUCTS during the Valentine Fever Sale! 2 FREE PRODUCT SETS that include:  Cupcake box, insert, cupcakes, sprinkles, seed packet and printable graphics (see images above) just add to cart. It's free. Choose FREE Checkout when you go to purchase if you have nothing else in your cart. An opportunity to get even MORE FREE PRODUCT through our promotion, "The More the Merrier" ..
Earn the Candy Corn - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $8 or more. Offer valid from October 7th - October 31st Candy Corn - Promotional Bundle: Corny Costumes - Fry Boxes - PR $5.00 Corny Costumes - Fry Boxes - CP $3.00 Corny Costumes - GS $4.00 Corny Costumes - CS $5.00 I Love Candy Corn - CA $5.00 How to redeem: Add Candy Corn - Pro..
Earn the Little Elves - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $8 or more.Offer valid from December 8th - January 5thLittle Elves - Promotional Bundle:Little Elves - GS$4.00Little Elves - CS$5.00Little Elves - Props - CP$5.00Little Elves - Props - GS$4.00Little Elves - CP$5.00Little Elves - PR$5.00Little Elves - AL$4.00Little Elves - PP$2.00Total:$34.00How to redeem: Add Little Elves - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $8 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: elves The entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be subtracted from your ..
Earn the Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from June 7th - July 12th Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle: DB Emoticat - DB$3DB Buttons - DB$3DB Make-a-Cupcake - DB$3DB Gourmet Pops - DB$3PN Balloony - FN$3PN Dino Writer - FN$3PN Strawberry Pillow - FN$3ZP Ladybug - FN$3PN Baby Bumble Bee - FN$3PN Robbie Robot - FN$3Total:$30 How to redeem: Add Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $7 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: icing The entire value of the bu..
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