One of our favorite designers, Sheri McCulley is back and she has been busy!  She's been writing books and they are darling!  They are being published by Story Nite Press and are available on Amazon.  She has two right now, although their are four in the works.  Little Cuties Let's Pretend Animals and Little Cuties Let's Pretend In The Garden.  Both are so darling and must haves, regardless if you have a little cutie at home or not! The stars of these little books are the Little Cuties and we are soooo lucky at LD to be able to feature them as Grap..
Learn how to weld to shapes together in Cricut Design Space. In this tutorial we welded a circle on top of a monster to make a cute t Autocart Add..
Materials: Little Peanuts Graphic Set Candy Melts in pink and white wax paper black decorating gel toothpicks plastic bags Directions: Begin by printing out an army of bunnies from the Little Peanuts Graphic Set. Lay the print out on a cookie sheet and cover with wax paper. Starting with the white candy melts, pour about half the bag into a microwave safe bowl, and follow the directions to melt them.Scoop the melted candy into a plastic sandwich bag. Then we are going to cut off a tiny corner.Then you carefully start to trace over the bunnies with your melted chocolate. It m..
Earn the Monstrous Christmas - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from November 28th - December 29th Monstrous Christmas - Promotional Bundle: Monstrous Christmas - GS $4.00 Monstrous Christmas - CS $5.00 Monstrous Christmas - Advent Beard - CP $1.00 Monstrous Christmas - Advent Beard - PR $1.00 Monstrous Christmas - AL $4.00 Monstrous Christmas - Cookie Envelopes - CP $2.00 Monstrous C..
Earn the 80's Love - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $11 or more. Offer valid from February 9th - March 9th 80's Love - Promotional Bundle: 80's Love - GS$480's Love - CS$580's Love - Sentiments - GS$480's Love - Sentiments - CS$580's Love - Too - GS$480's Love - Too - CS$580's Love - PP$280's Love - AL$480's Love - Rubiks Valentine Box - CP$380's Love - Albums - CS$5Total:$41 How to redeem: Add 80's Love - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $11 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: 80slove The entire value of the bundle (not the d..
Earn the Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from June 7th - July 12th Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle: DB Emoticat - DB$3DB Buttons - DB$3DB Make-a-Cupcake - DB$3DB Gourmet Pops - DB$3PN Balloony - FN$3PN Dino Writer - FN$3PN Strawberry Pillow - FN$3ZP Ladybug - FN$3PN Baby Bumble Bee - FN$3PN Robbie Robot - FN$3Total:$30 How to redeem: Add Icing On The Cake - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $7 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: icing The entire value of the bu..
What is a full-color or SVG font?  It is exactly what it sounds like! It is a font that is in full-color, just like our alphabets are.  However, very few programs are compatible with full-color fonts at this time. If you want to try out this font type, you can use it in the following programs:Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, versions CC 2017 and aboveSilhouette Studio, version 4.2 and aboveFirefox, version 32 and aboveMicrosoft Edge, Windows 10 Anniversary and aboveNote: These fonts end in the extension .otf, just like a normal font and install just like a normal font BUT if you..
cut file example

Cut sets are very versatile. Here is an easy bullet point list of the uses and benefits:

  • Cut sets come with a variety of file types to cover the file needs for many different types of machines. We include .ai, .dxf, .eps, .gsd, .pdf, and .svg.
  • Our early "Cut sets" were called .svg files. These files are being replaced on LD. They only include .svg format

An account at LD is free, enables faster shopping, the ability to add product to a wishlist, keep track of orders easily and gives you access to all your purchases at any time. As a bonus, when you open an account with LD you will be immediately gifted with over $40 in product for free so you can try out all the different types of files we have to offer.  Learn about our different file types here.  Some of the freebies are shown below:

Giraffing Out Loud Freebies

Make an account now or sign into your account and go to My Downloads to see your free product now.


A font is a typeface. It's a small file that you install on your computer or system that will allow you type words in the specified typeface. Fonts are vector files, which means they can be sized up to any size at all without any negative consequences.  When you print a font, you can print it with a specified color, however you typically can't do more than one color without some advanced programming.

The online alphabet tool has replaced the "Try Me Now" tool from the old LetteringDelights site.  It allows you to easily type with full-colored alphabets and save the image as one word or phrase to insert into a document or project. To access the online alphabet tool do the following:

  1. Sign into your LD account.
  2. Go to Downloads
  3. If you have a lot of product, you will probably want to filter your downloads by file type.
  4. Choose the alphabet you would like to type with
  5. Click on the "Use Alphabet" button
  6. Type in the Text Input Field.  Most of our alphabets have two cases but often rather than having a true "lower case" the second case will be a different version of an uppercase.  This allows you to have variance in color and style in words where there are repetitive letters like "banana".
  7. Choose the resolution you want.  The bigger the resoultion, the bigger the file is.  If you are using the product online the smaller sizes will suffice.
  8. Click "Download" when you are done and navigate to where you want to save the file.


A doodlebat is a picture font. Rather than letters, each character of the font is an image. Doodlebats come with a PDF reference sheet so you can see which image corresponds with each keystroke.  Shop for doodlebats.

Earn the entire Hot Diggity Dog Collection, a $25 value when you spend $10 between March 1st and March 31st (midnight MST) Once you spend that amount (collectively over the month of March), the whole unbundled collection will be added to your library. This collection includes:

  • Hot Diggity Dog Graphic Set
  • Hot Diggity Dog Alphabet
  • Hot Diggity Dog Paper Pack

Want $30 in free product? Earn the entire Trip and Travel and Trip and Travel Too Collections for FREE when you spend $10 between April 4th and April 30th.(midnight MST) Once you spend that amount (collectively over the timeframe in April), both unbundled collections will be added to your library. These collections includes:

  • Trip and Travel Graphic Set
  • Trip and Travel Alphabet
  • Trip and Travel Cut Set

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