Attention, all you Scouts and Scouters! Here's the collection of collections! We've compiled alphabets and graphic images and papers and DoodleBats...and thrown in four fonts for good measure! If you have anything to do with the wonderful Scouting program (whether you are a leader or the cheering section for some pretty special scouts--both young and old), this collection will help you invite, notify, decorate, celebrate, and remember all the fun achievements that go hand in hand with belonging to this great organization, making your most difficult decisions 'what to use where?!' and 'should I use these for the Scout camp out, Girls Camp, or our family camping trip?" Let us help you with that, too. Use them all for everything...if you've checked out this collection, you know there's plenty to go around! We love helping you get creative, save memories, and still stay in budget!

Products included in this bundle: