Tip: Use several pieces of paper on one mat

When using cutting files, you will often need to cut a design with lots of little pieces that all need to be cut on different colors of paper.  With a little planning you can load multiple colors of paper at once in your machine.  You will definitely need to use your software like MTC, Silhouette Studio, or InVue.  The good news is all the software for all the machines allows for this type of set up.  

1.  Open your cutting file in your cutting software

2.  If need be ungroup your file. You need to be able to see all the different layers of a cutting file.  

3.  Separate your layers on to your virtual mat in your software.  Example shown below is in MTC but any software is capable of this.

cutting mat tip

3.  Using scissors or a paper cutter, cut your different colors of paper into rectangles that are bigger than your cutting shapes and place on your mat in as close as possible to the areas your have your cutting files placed on your virtual mat.

cutting mat tip

4.  Make sure your paper pieces are securely adhered to the mat. When using smaller pieces of paper, it is easier for them to "catch" in the machine. You want them stuck down securely with all parts of the paper flush on the mat.

5.  Cut your project out.

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