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In the past, LD offered bonus product exclusively available at checkout for a 50% discount.  We've discontinued that promotion and will work toward personalizing your shopping experience to help you find the products that interest you.  For now, we invite you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook so you don't miss out on any upcoming promotions. 

Once upon a time LetteringDelights use a program called "The Creative Companion" and the file format we used with it was sold as .exe files.

Creative Companion is old software that LD used to have so users could easily access their product. As time has gone on, we've found that much better software exists throughout the web for free that gives you much better options than the Creative Companion ever did. We suggest using anyone of these tools that are easily at your disposal throughout the web. LD does not endorse any of these products but you may want to try one of the following programs:

Once upon a time LetteringDelights use a program called "The Creative Companion" and the file format we used with it was sold as .exe files.

Now we package our files in .zip files, as is the standard for most downloadable product on the web.   A .zip file is a commonly used file format that compresses files to make them easier to download. There are many programs available online that allow you to unzip/extract these files, some are trial based or require a purchase and others are free. Most every device comes with a free way to access your files that are "zipped". In Windows, right mouse click over the .zip file and you should have options to "extract" the file. On a Mac, doubleclick over the .zip file.Take care where you are extracting the file. As you "unzip" a file, you will be given an option of where you want to store it.  We suggest you keep all your LD product in one location on your computer.  If you save your .zip files to that location, when you unzip the files, the products will organize themselves by product name.

The online alphabet tool has replaced the "Try Me Now" tool from the old LetteringDelights site.  It allows you to easily type with full-colored alphabets and save the image as one word or phrase to insert into a document or project. To access the online alphabet tool do the following:

Yes.  Your files need to be unzipped.

If you have Windows:  

  1. Save your zipped file to a standard location.  We recommend putting all your LD files in one location.  
  2. Right mouse click on the zipped file.
  3. Choose "Extract All".  You will see a folder appear within that directory you are currently.  The new folder will have the name of the product and as long as you unzip files in the same location, all the product types with the same name will appear in sub directories under that parent file.  For example, if you purchased "The Three Bears" Alphabet and "The Three Bears" Graphic Set, there would be only one folder named "The Three Bears".  Within that folder you would find sub directories named "Alphabet" and "Graphics Set"

My library has been replaced with "Your Account".  Sign in the upper right-hand corner.  Your orders show your purchases and purchase information."Your Library" is now "My Downloads"...

All of our product uses abbreviations.  We have been working towards unified abbreviations for quite some time in our product.  This abbreviation is used in your individual downloaded files and images too.  The following is a list of our abbreviations:

  • al - alphabet
  • bd - bundle
If you have an LD Subscription, you will have the option to buy items using points. Depending on the subscription you purchased, you will have 10-15 points per day to use, and those points are localized to the type of subscription package you purchased.  Your points will be renewed  every night at midnight, MST daily.To use your points, login to your account and go to the product category enabled by your subscription. Choose your item and select "Use Points." Underneath you will see the amount of  points you have to use and the time remaining before the points reset. You will al..
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