What happened to Creative Companion?

Once upon a time LetteringDelights use a program called "The Creative Companion" and the file format we used with it was sold as .exe files.

Creative Companion is old software that LD used to have so users could easily access their product. As time has gone on, we've found that much better software exists throughout the web for free that gives you much better options than the Creative Companion ever did. We suggest using anyone of these tools that are easily at your disposal throughout the web. LD does not endorse any of these products but you may want to try one of the following programs:

  • Microsoft Word is a very common word processing program.  It however, is ready to handle imagery as well.  You cannot do much manipulation of imagery, but you can place it into the documents, rotate, flip, and move the images around. 
  • Open Office Writer is a lot like Microsoft Word.  Its a fully equipped word processor.  It however, is free.  There are several other Open Office programs that are free as well.
  • Gimp (the GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a very powerful program with many tools to correct photos, manipulate and place items into one file, and add text. It may take a little while to learn the program but it is very powerful and free. http://www.gimp.org/
  • Paint.net does not have as many options as Gimp but it is easier to use. It supports layers, so it is a great tool for use with LD product. http://www.getpaint.net/
  • Chasys Draw IES is a newer free program. It offers plenty of tools and layer support as well. http://www.jpchacha.com/
  • Inkscape is a power and professional vector graphics editor. It is free. It is strictly for vector editing (LD vector files include our cut sets, fonts, and doodlebats). You can manipulate photos in Inkscape and it's a bit of a challenge to learn, but you will be able to do anything you want with a vector file. http://www.inkscape.org/en/
  • You do not need any programs to print the images from LD.  You can print the images straight from your computer following these directions, substituting LD imagery for photos.
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