How to Use Your LD Subscription

If you have an LD Subscription, you will have the option to buy items using points. Depending on the subscription you purchased, you will have 10-15 points per day to use, and those points are localized to the type of subscription package you purchased.  Your points will be renewed  every night at midnight, MST daily.

To use your points, login to your account and go to the product category enabled by your subscription. Choose your item and select "Use Points." Underneath you will see the amount of  points you have to use and the time remaining before the points reset. You will also notice the points deduct as you use them. When you use the points to purchase the item. You will then have 24 hours to download that item. Download and save them to your computer, as they will not be saved in your "Downloads" library after your 24 hours is up.

Posted by Lettering Delights

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