Accessing Your Product

When you purchase product from LD it will be made available just as soon as you complete the check out process.  It will also be available through your account in your "Downloads" area as well as your Order History.

Lettering Delights zips all it's product into zip files.  Zip files allow us to compress many items within different folders into one "zipped" storage folder.  

We recommend creating a folder on your computer for all your Lettering Delights file and unzipping all your files into the same location.  The unzipped folders will organize themselves by name.  Our zipped folders are set up in such a way that if you purchase one product in a line (i.e. Strawberry Kisses Alphabet) and then later purchase another product in that same line (i.e. Strawberry Kisses Graphic Set), when you unzip the folders into the main directory (Lettering Delights folder on your home computer) all the coordinating elements of the collection will unzip and organize themselves into one folder (Strawberry Kisses).

You do not have to download product as soon as you buy it.  You have unlimited access to it in your account.

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