Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro

The Pazzles Inspiration Studio Pro software comes with the Pazzles machine.  It is meant to be used primarily with our Cut Set files.  It is powerful software that makes using the Pazzles machine very easy.  Some of it's top features are:

  • the ability to type custom titles in any font
  • the ability to trace around any picture or clipart file
  • imports SVGs

Read more about Pazzles machine and software here.

Posted by Lettering Delights

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The newest Pazzles machine is called the Inspiration Vūe™ and it comes with software that is compatible for both PC and Mac, called InVue.  It is a great machine and software that has the following features:Cut any true type fontswelding, outlining, and vectorizationimport and save in SVG formatOver the years there have been different versions of their machine and software.  Some of these free Pazzles videos may apply to your software and machine.  Check them out here...

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