We've put together a special "Back to School" freebie that we've shot in the SHOTBOX with a simple phone camera. Ready to get your "Back to School" Freebie?  Click here.  Scroll down to learn how you can make your own photos taken with your phone look like they were shot in a professional photo studio.

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The SHOTBOX is a fully contained, tabletop, collapsible, portable, lightweight photo studio created by Aaron Johnson, co-inventor of the Cricutâ„¢ machine.  SHOTBOX is now available for pre-order on the Kickstarter fundraising website.  SHOTBOX offers the user a fast, easy, portable and inexpensive way to digitize photos with the look of a professional photographer. 

shot box

If you take photos of your crafts, cards, scrapbook pages and LD creations, you will love the SHOTBOX.  It works in conjunction with the camera you already have on your phone.  You already know your smart phone can take really good photos but now with a SHOTBOX your smart phone will take professional looking photos and the process couldn't be easier.  Right now because the SHOTBOX is still part of a Kickstarter campaign, you can get a SHOTBOX with special pricing.  Visit the Kickstarter Campaign to learn more.

shot box before and after


  • Aaron Johnson,  is one of the Cricut inventors.  It is safe to say that the idea of a personal cutting machine revolutionized the crafting industry.  As an original co-inventor of Cricutâ„¢, he was bought out by the company and moved on to many other projects since.
  • Kickstarter is a fund raising website for a business to launch a new product or idea.  When you make a pledge to help or fund a project, your money is going to Kickstarter, not the individual.  If the Kickstarter campaign doesn't meet it's goal, no charges are made to your credit card.  Their original goal of $50,000 was met, so you know the project will be funded and you will get the product you helped fund in late October.
  • LD's involvement with SHOTBOX is largely due to proximity.  Aaron Johnson had local friends and businesses use prototypes to give feedback and suggestions.  We were lucky to be involved and saw the potential for our own business immediately.  With SHOTBOX bad photoshoots will be a thing of the past.

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