New site and new plans

LetteringDelights is changing.  We've  launched a new site and that brings big changes. We apologize for any problems that may occur with this change.  We've put together a list of bullet points about some of the things you may want to know.

  • Your information is secure and you will still have access to all of your product.
  • Your product and downloads are available in your Account under "Downloads" now, rather than your Library.
  • When you log in for the first time on the new site, you will be prompted to change your password.  Just follow those directions with the assurance that this extra step adds another layer of security.
  • New changes will be coming along constantly that will make the site easier to navigate and we'll be adding features that give you better access to your product. We have a lot of exciting plans.
  • The "Try Me Now Tool" has been replaced. We will be bringing on better tools in the near future, but still have given you access to type your titles and phrases from your alphabets. Please log in to your account. Go to "Downloads". The alphabets you own are available to use with the "Use Alphabet" button.
  • Better searching through your own previously purchased product (downloads) coming soon.
  • We'll be continuing to improve and update the site for a couple of months.  We have a lot of exciting plans.
  • For those of you who are part of the affiliate program with LD, your affiliate code will still work, but we will be transitioning away from Interneka, the third party company that handles our affiliate program soon.  We will give you a time frame in which you can prepare to leave.
  • The new site will no longer have monthly "sneak peeks" of product that is exclusively available through check out.  We'll be implementing better ways to help you find the product you are looking for.
  • The new site will no longer have .exe files.  We apologize to our customers who prefer them and encourage you to read here about how you can use better programs to accomplish what you want. 
  • The new site has temporarily suspended the sale of the teacher subscriptions.  Teacher subscriptions will still be honored and will  be sold again in the near future.
  • The new site has better imagery for social media.  We encourage you to pin and share imagery.
  • The new site offers commercial product on most all of our product.  This now includes cut product.  To buy commercial product, please select "Add License" from the drop down menu.  An additional fee will appear with the product.  Please make sure you see the usage terms to know the specifics of how you may use commercial product.
  • The new site has better searching options and filters.  It will only improve.  It will be much easier to find the product you are looking for.
  • Many of you have asked about the loss of your wishlist, that is coming and should be available by Monday.

As we make this move to this site, we hope to improve your shopping and creating experience.  We plan to celebrate these changes with contests and freebies.  We look forward to introducing you to our new app soon and hope to hear from you about the changes and ways we can improve and help you.

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