The Stellar Cellar Sale

To celebrate the launching of our new site, we are starting off with the "Stellar Cellar Sale".   The LD Cellar is new to LD.  Part of launching a new site was the ability to give ALL our customers access to all their product they have bought over the years.  That is a long history since we've been selling online digital files since 2000!  We have moved all our product that was created prior to 2007 into the LD Cellar.  Use coupon code: Stellar

Learn more about LD Cellar product here.  It is older product which is why we can afford a sale like this!  

  • buy 3 cellar items (non bundles) and save 30% off  already low prices.
  • buy 10 cellar items (non bundles) and save 70% off already low prices!  That gives you 10 items for only $4.50!
  • buy 50 cellar items(non bundles) and save nearly 90% off already low items (87%).  That gives you 50 items for only under $10!

Shop the Stellar Cellar Sale!

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