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The Tweeny Bopper Product is part of the Dear Tween Bundle, which matches our Dear Diary product.  You can get $21 in Tweeny Bopper product for FREE when you follow the instructions CAREFULLY below.  The product is worth 21!  

  • Dear Diary Student Planner with 2015-16 Calendar, Weekly Organizers, Daily Organizers, and more... $6
  • Tweeny Bopper Cut Set $5
  • Tweeny Bopper Graphic Set $4
  • Tweeny Bopper Alphabet $4
  • Tweeny Bopper Paper Pack $2
  • TOTAL = $21

How to get the product for FREE from September 3 - October 3rd.

  1. Add the Dear Tween Bundle to your cart. Do not add the individual items to your cart.  The coupon will not work if you do.
  2. Add another $7 in product to your cart (or more).
  3. Go to check out.
  4. Add coupon code: Tweeny
  5. The entire value of the bundle will be extracted from your cart!

See all the new Tweeny Bopper Product here and shop for the Dear Diary product here (which is 75% off!)...

How to save 60% off product? This is a separate coupon code and requires a separate checkout! Use coupon code: Smartie for 60% off purchase of $30 or more!  Coupon expires September 30th. Hurry!

tweeny bopperAnd don't forget to shop for the Dear Diary product!

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