Kawaii-a-bunga A-Z: sooooo many uses!

Teacher, teacher I declare, look at what I have to share!

We've got ideas!  Here are our top ten!

1. Make a darling A-Z blog post, booklet, scrapbook, whatever! 

all about me

2. A-Z wall decor...or chalkboard.  Use the printables or make your own with the graphics, cut set, or alphabet!

wall decorwall decor

3. Alphabet Wall


4. If you are a teacher or a parent who is helping teaching at home, use the "extras" to make a Blends poster.  What are blends?  Blends are two letters who work together but still keep their own sounds like "bl".  We've got them covered in the "extras" file.  So as a hint they are the following:

  • L Blends - block, cloud, flower, glass, plum, slug
  • R Blends - brush, crab, dragon, frog, grapes, prince,
  • S Blends - scarf, skunk, slug, smile, snake, spoon, star, sweep
  • Three letter Blends -screw, splash, spring, squid, string
  • blends

5.  Make dice using our FREEBIE printable Kawaii-A-Bunga 1-10 PR with our own cut product or a box you have at home. We have two cube boxes that work great for this:  Animal Boxes CP and Dice CP (you will need to remove circles on this one).


6. Flashcards


7. Name Tags


8. Matching Game


9. Create Long and Short Vowel Activity envelopes! We used the envelopes from Dear Diary CP and put the Kawaii-a-Bunga A-Z vowels on the front of each envelope.  Print out long and short vowel words and let your students or kids match the word to the envelope.


10. Make whatever you want out of a lot of darling and cute cut sets and graphic set images WITH or WITHOUT faces!  That's the great thing about the Kawaii-a-bunga line...is that we've included both faces and no-face versions of the images so you can have both.  If you use the cut sets we have easy instructions on how to dump the faces here.


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