Combining Elements in Pixlr

combining in pixlr

Combining elements when making projects, photocards, cards, or whatever you are doing is easy in Pixlr.  

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


open file pixlr

2.  Navigate to where your LD images or your previously saved images are stored on your computer.  Select the image you are looking for.  In this tutorial we have previously added a photo to a photocard template.  If you have just completed that task, and your photocard is still open that just skip step 1 and 2.

combining elements

3.  Go to File>Open Image and navigate to where the other images you want to add to your project are.  Find one and click open.


4.  Choose Edit>Select All (on your photo) or Ctr + A and then Edit >Copy or Ctr +C.  This action copies your image or element on to your clipboard.

5.  Move back to your first image and choose Edit>Paste or Ctr + V.  This action pastes your photo into the same canvas.  Your second image may not come in at the right size.   If it comes in too big, that's great.  You can size down images with no harm.  If it comes in slightly too small, no problem.  You can enlarge a little and not have it get too pixelated. 

6.  Make sure your layers palette is showing by clicking View>Layers 


7. Make sure you are on your element  layer by looking at your layers palette. You can tell because there is mini images of what is on each layer.


8. You will want to re-size your element you just added.  Go to Edit>Free Transform.  This gives you a bounding box around your image or element.  Hold down shift to constrain the image so you don't make in disproportionate.  Occasionally that is what you want to do but usually you want to constrain it.  Move it  into the right position with the same tool.



9. Repeat step 3-8 again and again until you have all the images you want.

10.  You may need to change the layering order of some of the images.  To do this you by dragging your layers into different orders in your layers palette.


11. When you are satisfied, go to File >Save . A window opens that you can type name in.  You can change the name here. The default format will be the original format of the LD file.  You will probably want to change it in the drop-down box to JPEG.   The quality is up to you.  80 is great.  You can go bigger if you want.  Click ok.

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