How to Make a Monogram in Another Shape in Cricut Design Space


Learn how to make this easy monogram in a shape!  We did ours in vinyl. You can do it in anything.  This is how.

1. Start by uploading your first image to your virtual mat in Cricut Design Space. For complete directions on how to do this follow steps 1-10 in this tutorial.   For this tutorial we choose Vegetable Soup _01 (the tomato).


2. Right mouse click over the tomato image and "ungroup" or select the image and go to the bottom of the layers palette and click ungroup.

3. Delete the areas of the design not needed, leaving only the round tomato.


4. Click the add text button on the left.

5. A text box will open. Type in the monogram you want to add. To change fonts, you must move from the layers palette to the edit palette in the right menu.  You can change font size, letter spacing, line spacing and more.


6. Move the monogram letters on top of the tomato.


7.  Once, the letters are positioned correctly, drag your mouse across both the tomato and the letters selecting everything.  Then you will need to click "slice" in the layers palette on the right side.

8.  After you click slice, it will take Cricut Design Space a moment to react and then your tomato will look slightly different.


9.  Drag the tomato away and you can see you have now created a monogram tomato.


Posted by Lettering Delights

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