Redbox Neighbor Gift

Redbox Neighbor Gift:


printable gift tag, cardstock, redbox promo codes, microwave popcorn packages, popcorn gift box, Santa Spirit Graphic Set, candy (optional)


First go to Redbox and purchase your gift codes. You can purchase in bundles of 5, 10, 20, or 50 under their Redbox Gifts section. You are going to actually just retype the codes in your gift tags, so go ahead and just email to yourself! You will end up with an email that looks like this and lists the codes together:

Easy Neighbor Gift!

I then created my popcorn cover using the Santa Spirit Graphic Set and new fonts coming soon our PN Elf List line. The cover runs 5" by 3.35". Use whatever saying you like, just be sure to leave a space to insert your promo code. You will then copy one of the promo codes from your redbox email and paste on your tag. Copy and paste several tags inserting new promo codes on each one.

Easy Neighbor Gift!Print out and trim, then attach to your microwave popcorn bag.

Easy Neighbor Gift!  

You can give like this or choose to do more with our fun Popcorn box!

Easy Neighbor Gift!

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