DIY Skull Shirt

This darling skull shirt is not only fun to create, super cute, but amazingly easy! See our instructions below:

DIY Skull Shirt


1. Using the skull from our Happy Halloween Cut Set, import into your favorite cutting program. You only need to use the white skull to create this fun shirt. Go ahead and delete the background layer and the bow. Remember, 

that anytime you are ironing on something you need to cut out the mirror image of how you want it to turn out. 

2. Go ahead an place your vinyl onto your mat so that the plastic protection layer is touching the sticky side of the mat. 

3.  Cut out the skull onto your favorite Vinyl then gently remove from your cutting mat. It should still be attached to the plastic protective layer.

4. Place onto your shirt, making sure to center it.

5. Gently iron for the vinyl's suggested time.

6. Slowly lift off the protective plastic making sure your vinyl is properly stuck to your shirt.

7. Create a fun bow out of your favorite ribbon color and sew or pin into place!

Posted by Lettering Delights

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