Using Digital Stickers

With new normals in the classroom,  the  use of digital stickers is perfect to give fun feedback to students on work completed in Google Classroom and Seesaw! Digital stickers are perfect for distance and virtual learning! Any of our graphics can be used as digital stickers but our new Good Notes Collection was created for just this intent! 

What are digital stickers? Basically any image file typically saved as a .png so that is has a transparent background and can be easily placed on digital work. Digital stickers are a fun way for teachers to reward, encourage, or help students in their virtual studies.


How to add digital stickers to popular platforms:

Google Slides: Insert image, select the sticker to place it on the slide.

Google Docs:  Put stickers in your heading, if not it will mess with the layout. Double-click inside the header section of the document. Select insert image, then select location of the sticker and add.

Seesaw:  Open student work and choose "Edit." The touch the camera and select upload. Select the sticker image from your camera roll or sticker folder.


Students are able to keep their stickers on a digital reward chart or digital sticker book.

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