Opening Files in Silhouette Studio

To use a file in Silhouette Studio you can either open, merge, or import to My Library.  Silhouette Studio will open the following files:

  • .gsd 
  • .studio - this is the native format for Silhouette Studio
  • .dxf - this is the file format LD packages with cut its and recommends
  • .svg - this format is only available to open when you upgrade to Designer Edition
  • .ttf and .otf - font files

Silhouette Studio also opens raster files.  These are not cutting files but can be traced or used in print and cut projects.  Raster files have a limited number of pixels which helps create clarity.  Enlarging raster files usually results in fuzzy and very pixelated imagery.  We recommend trying to use high resolution files.  Silhouette Studio will open the following file types:

  • .jpg 
  • .png - most graphics files from LD are .png files and high resolution, which makes for better tracing and printing
  • .tif
  • .bmp
  • .gif
  • .psd
  • .pdf

To open a file in Silhouette Studio simply go to File> Open then change the "Files of type" field with the drop down area to All Files.

open file in silhouette

You can also import files into your Silhouette Studio Library.  Simply go to File> Import> Import to Library.  Change the "Files of type" field with the drop down area to All Files.

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Silhouette Studio Software works exclusively on the Silhouette machines.  This easy to use software comes in two version.  There is the basic FREE version and for $49 more, a designer edition.  Both versions are meant to be used with our cut set files.  Both versions have the following features in common:font accessability to use jpg, bmp, and png filesability to use image effects such and tint and color saturationability to print and cutThe Designer Edition has the following extra features:ability to use SVG files w/o convertinglayersadvanced eraser and knife featurssketch..

If you buy your fonts on Lettering Delights or our sister site, ScrapNFonts, you might want to keep them organized in Silhouette Studio's Library.  This is easy to do:

  1. Go to File>Import>Import to Library
  2. import font

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