Viewing and Using .DXF files in Silhouette Studio

The native file format for Silhouette Studio is .studio.  It cannot import .svg unless you have upgraded and bought the Designer Edition.  If you do not wish to pay for the upgrade, we suggest using .dxf files.  The disadvantage to .dxf files is that they do not come in layered like a .svg file.  It can also be difficult to see what they are as there are not thumbnail images of them until they are imported into your Silhouette Studio Library.  

You can choose to open a .dxf file by clicking "Open" and changing Files of type filed to "All Files" or "DXF".  Navigate to the folder where your LD .dxf files are stored, choose a file and click "open".

open file in silhouette

You can import all your .dxf files one at a time or all at once  into your Silhouette Studio Library.  When you import your files into the Library, you will have thumbnails of the images for easy viewing.  You also have the ability to make sub directories for easy organization of files or to type in notes about images.  

To import one file at a time to your Silhouette Studio Library, click Import > Import to Library.Navigate to the folder where your LD .dxf files are stored, choose a file and click "OK".

To import many files at one time into your Silhouette Studio Library do the following:

  1. Open your Library in Silhouette Studio
  2. In another window, open the folder that your LD .dxf files are stored. Make sure you can see both the Silhouette Studio Library and the open folder with the .dxf files.>
  3. In the .dxf folder, select multiple files at once by holding down Shift.
  4. drag files into silhouette
  5. Drag the .dxf files into the Library.

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