Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Please read the following agreement before registering.

Terms of Agreement

These terms will begin upon your acceptance to our affiliate program and will end when your account is terminated by either party pursuant to this Agreement. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Affiliates will be notified of changes by registered email. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, you may terminate your account at any time. Your continuing participation in the program will constitute a binding acceptance of the change.

Enrollment in the Program

To join, an application form must be completed and submitted. Upon acceptance to the program, you will become an affiliate of and are bound by the terms of this Agreement. Your participation in the program is solely to legally advertise our website in exchange for a commission on products purchased by referred customers.

Membership may be denied for but is not limited to sites that promote illegal activities, adult content, violence, discrimination, illegal spamming, violation of copyrights or intellectual property rights, or that otherwise is not in accordance with standards of behavior associated with or its affiliates.

Affiliate Relationship

This affiliate relationship is one of independent contractors. This Agreement will not create any partnership, joint venture, agency, franchise, sales representatives, or employment relationship between the parties. You will have no authority to accept or make any offers on our behalf.

Affiliate Responsibilities

You are responsible for maintenance and operation of your own site. You are also responsible for the functionality of links and maintaining current creative elements in connection therewith.

Affiliate Links

You are responsible for maintenance and operation of your own site. You are also responsible for the functionality of links and maintaining current creative elements in connection therewith.

Promotional Practices

You are expected to comply with the law and terms of this Agreement. Links to may only be placed on sites you own and express permission must be obtained to participate in any other special promotional methods. We do not advocate any use of spamming, spyware or malware. Membership to our affiliate program for parties participating in such practices will be refused. We reserve the right to research and investigate all affiliates for such behavior and determine whether such methods are in place. Violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate termination and forfeit of commissions.

Affiliate Tracking

Commissions are tracked by cookies. Affiliates are eligible for a 20% commission on every purchase.

Termination of Affiliate Status

Your affiliate application and status in the program may be suspended or terminated at any time. Reasons for revocation of affiliate status include but are not limited to inappropriate advertising (false claims, misleading hyperlinks), advertising on sites containing/promoting illegal activities, discrimination or adult content, illegal spamming, and violation of copyrights and intellectual property rights. Violation of these conditions will result in immediate termination from the program and forfeit of commissions. Upon revocation of affiliate status, you have 10 days to cease all use of material licensed to you by Our failure to ensure your compliance to this Agreement will not constitute a waiver of our right to enforce such provision or any other provision of this Agreement.


We will not liable for indirect, special or consequential damages (loss of revenue, commissions) due to affiliate tracking failures, loss of database files, and any results of "intents of harm" to the program or our website. In addition, we make no claim that the operation of the affiliate program and our website will be error-free or uninterrupted. We will not be liable for consequences of any interruptions or errors.

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Lettering Delights affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website which advertises LD or specific products.  Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.  The standard commission rate is currently 20%.  

Not only does an affiliate earn 20% commission on the product they advertised, they earn the 20% commission on the entire purchase.


1.  Read through the FAQ's below

2.  Review the Affiliate Terms of Agreement

Your affiliate account is where you can change your account information, track your sales, and get your tracking code.  To access your account go here.Sign in with your affiliate email and password.Your affiliate account will look like:..
What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows websites to earn a commission fee based on referrals. If you have a website or blog, you can advertise for and every time a user clicks from your site to ours and makes a purchase, we'll pay you 20% of that sale.

How much can one earn?

We pay 20% of every sale.

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