Importing SVGs into Pazzles InVue

  1. Open your InVue Software
  2. Go to File>Import>SVG/PVG/WPC
  3. Navigate to your previously saved SVG file
  4. Click Open
  5. The default for InVue is to bring every SVG in grouped.  If you need it ungrouped, click on the red x at the top of your selection
  6. If you have a file that must have a specific size, you need to take care of sizing in InVue.  InVue uses 72 DPI while software like MTC and Inkscape uses 90 DPI.  This will make files bigger in InVue.  To resize, go the the drop down box in the upper left-hand corner that says "Move To".  Use the drop down arrow to change it to W/H (width/height).  Click on the link chain that locks the aspect ratio of width and height then type in the specific width or height needed for your file.

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