Tip: What to do with a mat that is too sticky

If you are new to cutting machines and cutting files you will find out that as awesome as cutting machines can be, that often your brand new mat can be TOO sticky!  Your paper will not only be "clinging" desperately to your paper, you might find it nearly impossible to get it off without tearing it.  Here is some advice:

  1. You can "de-sticky" a mat by touching it with fabric.  We recommend clean cotton.  A clean dish towel will work or even a clean t-shirt.  Some people suggest lightly touching it to their carpet.  That might work if your carpet isn't too new or you don't have a pet.
  2. Cut your first couple of projects using a heavier cardstock that is not so apt to tear.
  3. Be prepared to remove your first small project carefully.  You can use a kitchen spatula, tweezers, or a credit card to help remove.

Posted by Lettering Delights

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