The LD Cellar

The LD Cellar is an area on the site that contains our product created before 2007.   In the past it has been difficult for many of our long-time customers access to their old purchases because of the changes over the years in technology which impacts file types and programs.  We've  been selling digital files on line since 2000!  

Creating access to all this old product and old accounts over the years has been a great challenge but it is finally available.  You can now access product created prior to 2007 through the LD Cellar.  

Things to know about the LD Cellar:

  • There are some products that are .png format (that is a format that allows for transparency) but many of our products in the cellar will be .jpg format.  This is simply because the web browsers didn't support .png formats in the early years of our site.  A .jpg format does not have transparency.  An alphabet typed in .jpg format will have a white box around the letters.
  • Because many years ago, people did not have broadband connections and their dial-up connections were very slow, file sizes were an issue.  You will find that many alphabets in the LD Cellar have a maximum size of 250 px tall. 
  • Much of the product in the LD Cellar reflects the styles that were popular at the time they were created.  We love that we have a history that shows you how far styles, the web, and technology has come.  We've come a long way from dot matrix fonts and  LD Cellar product demonstrates that history and still offers product that many customers might be interested in.

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