A font is a typeface. It's a small file that you install on your computer or system that will allow you type words in the specified typeface. Fonts are vector files, which means they can be sized up to any size at all without any negative consequences.  When you print a font, you can print it with a specified color, however you typically can't do more than one color without some advanced programming.

You install a font directly into your system on your computer. Please follow the instructions for your operating system and computer to learn how to install a font. If you have any questions in how to do this, use a search engine like Google to search "how to install a font". It helps to know what type of computer you have (Mac or PC) and what operating system you are using, like Windows or Mac OS. The instructions of installing fonts will also change depending on the version of your operating system. Font installation is very simple and should not be avoided. Computers make it very easy for a novice to install fonts.

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