Graphic Sets

Graphic Sets are very useful. Here is an easy bullet point list of the uses and benefits:

  • Use graphic sets in nearly any program on your computer to add an image to your project. You don't need advanced programs like PhotoShop.
  • Use graphics to add an image to school projects, letters, posters, photos or anything you can think of.
  • A graphic image is usually 300 dpi (dots per inch). That is a high resolution image so when you print it, it does not look pixelated. On rare ocassion we have some files that are so big, we have saved them at 150 dpi.
  • Graphic images should not be enlarged much. You can stretch them and make them bigger but the more you do, the more pixelated they become. A small amount of stretching will not result in noticable pixelization. You can size down an image without any problems.
  • When you buy a graphic set from LD, you can dowload the whole set at once (usually around 15 images) or you can access one image at a time through the "try me now tool"
Projects using Graphics
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