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A paper pack or digital paper is patterned designs that are intended to be used in a variety of projects. They are typically .jpg files which means they will lose resolution if you scale them larger but since the files are 300 dpi, you can scale them up and not perceivably notice much difference if you are going more than double the original size. Our paper patterns are created at 300 dpi and are 12" x 12" so if you have a large scale printer, you actually could print scrapbook size paper. If not, you can fill a standard size sheet of paper with the print as well.

Paper patterns can be printed right from your own printer on to paper at home and used for projects or you can digitally apply to any number of projects using software like PhotoShop or even word processing software like Word.

Paper patterns can also be used in programs like Make-the-Cut, following the same directions as using Cut Tiles.

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Projects using paper packs
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