We often refer to a printable .pdf just as "printable." A printable is simply a document that comes "ready to print." You simply download the .pdf and print. Many of the printables require some simple cutting and sometimes folding and gluing.

If you use Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader, when printing a document, the default print option is page scaling: "shrink to printable area". That will make the whole .pdf shrink a hair and print too small to fit on cupcakes and candybar wrappers or things that need to be a specific size. To correct the problem, each time you print, change the page scaling option to none. Then the printed page should fit correctly.

Printing to scale is very important when you print things that are size-dependent like a cupcake wrapper or a specific wrapper for a candy.

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Examples of projects using printables:

Projects using printables Projects using printables Projects using printables
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