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A cut tile is small pattern file that is created to be tiled right to left and up and down as a continuous pattern. Originally cut tiles were created with Make-The-Cut software in mind. In the software, a file shape can be continuously filled with the pattern.

Since cut tiles are continuous pattern files they can be used in any program that "tiles" a pattern, like the background of a web page or filling a shape in PhotoShop.

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Instructions for using cut tiles in Make-The-Cut:

1. Create a shape or select a shape and add to your virtual mat.

Cut it tile explanation

2. Right mouse click on the shape and hoover over "Change Color/Texture/Line" and then choose "Select Texture"

Cut it tile explanation

3. Navigate to where your cut tiles are stored on your computer. Once there choose the cut tile pattern of your choice and click "Open".

Cut it tile explanation

4. The texture or cut tile can be altered at this point in various manners.

Cut it tile explanation

5. Choosing "Scale" options allows the patterns to be sized up or down and if you choose "Adjust Color" another window opens to show the various adjustments that can be made.

Cut it tile explanation

6. Click "Apply"

Cut it tile explanation

7. The pattern has now been applied to the shape and can be printed.

Changing Colors and Textures In MTC

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