Subscription Terms


  1. Cuttable Subscription: Includes all simple shapes, cut its, cut tiles, print and cuts, thin fonts, sketches.
  2. Graphics Product Subscription: Includes all clipart, graphics, paper packs, printables, and anything under the Graphics category.
  3. Lettering Subscription: Includes all fonts, alphabets, and doodlebats.
  4. Combo Subscriptions: Includes all the above

Please note:

  • Cuttable, Graphics, and Lettering Subscriptions are limited to 10 credits/day in product.  Combo Subscription is limited to 15 credits/day in product. A credit is the equivalent of one (1) American dollar.
  • Bundles and commercial product are excluded.
  • Does not include some third party artist licensed content (Sheri McCulley, Nancy Kubo, Patricia Zapata excluded)
  • No substitutions will be made if you download an item you already have.
  • While you may use your credits to download freebies, when they appear on the site, we would suggest you "purchase" your freebies by going through the checkout process and paying $0.  This saves your credits for other products.
  • Once you initiate the process of using credits, the download window will last a period of 24 hours.
  • Your downloads that you "purchase" via credits will only appear in your account for 24 hours.
  • Unused credits do not roll over to the next day.
  • You will always have the option of purchasing items instead.
  • Sale pricing will not impact that product credits.
  • Coupon codes and other sales will not apply to subscription products.
  • The subscription allows you to bypass the checkout process. You will have access to the product on individual product pages.


By downloading purchased products (fonts, alphabets, clipart,  cut its, or any other products) from you are agreeing that the products are the property of LetteringDelights or it's respective partners. They are licensed (not sold) to you for LIMITED use as a single user. Both the image design and the file are protected by United States Copyright law. Patricia Zapata, Nancy Kubo, and Sheri McCulley are not included in subscription license.


PRODUCT is defined as all digital files and associated art (including, but not limited to fonts, alphabets, clipart, DoodleBats, paper packs, Cut-Its, graphics, printables, templates, mini albums, tags, candy wrappers, cards, SVGs, bundles, and any other items for sale or given away at This includes both physical (printed) and digital (computer files) formats.

A DERIVATIVE WORK is defined as an expressive creation that includes major, basic copyrighted aspects of an original, previously created first work (from the Product). The derivative work is a recasting, transformation or adaptation of that original work and includes new copyrightable elements, in a physical (printed) or digital (computer files) format. In other words, a Derivative Work is using LetteringDelights’ Product to create something else. We retain the right to review and deny certain usages based on our interpretation of what constitutes a derivative work.

LICENSED WORK is defined as a Derivative Work that you create for the purposes of sharing with others. LetteringDelights recognizes that the Licensed Work is owned by its creator, but the Product contained therein, is owned by LetteringDelights and to be used only as outlined in this Agreement.

By purchasing a Subscription User License, you have the right to:

  • Install and use the products on your personal computers and devices.
  • Use and modify the products to create a projects and Derivative Work for personal use. You may share your work with others, but you are not allowed to sell it.
  • Use the licensed product to create word art, quotes, vinyl lettering designs, etc.
  • Use the licensed product to decorate your blog or social media pages (but you must include acknowledgment/links to Product shown on web sites must scaled down and not in its original file size and file format.

By purchasing a Limited Educational Use License, you DO NOT have the right to:

  • Resale or license a Derivative Work to another individual or company.
  • You may not reproduce, transfer, publish, assign, distribute, disseminate, sublicense, sell, loan, rent, or otherwise make the Product, or any derivation, revision, or combination thereof, available to any third party.

Limitations and Disclaimer

You agree that neither LetteringDelights nor its affiliates, nor any of their respective officers, directors, employees, owners, agents, representatives, licensors and (sub)licensees (other than yourself, as applicable), shall be liable for any damages, whether direct, incidental, indirect or consequential, arising from any use by you of the Product, even if such parties have been advised, or advised of the possibility, of such damages.

Terms and Termination

This Agreement shall continue in perpetuity until/unless LetteringDelights terminates this Agreement. LetteringDelights retains the right to review, remove, withdraw, or discontinue any Product at our discretion, and to modify this Agreement in any way they deem fit.

LetteringDelights retains the right to review, remove, withdraw, or discontinue any Product at our discretion, and to modify this Agreement in any way they deem fit.

Companies or individuals who do not meet the limitations or have additional special applications and wish to obtain a resale license must contact directly for specific licensed uses.

For information and pricing on site/group licenses, contact us at 

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