You will often need to edit and move around your locked .jpeg layer.  To do this you need to know how to make it a workable layer.

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


oved around and easily edited.

There are a lot of fun fonts out there with ligatures, but not every program has the capacity to use them. This is an easy tutorial that shows how to insert those ligatures into pretty much any Windows program.  Launch the Windows Character Map. If you are using and earlier version of Windows you can just find it from the start menu. If you are using Windows 8 just type in Character Map in the windows search field. We are using one of LD's smart fonts,  ZP Mother Interlock.

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Compare any number of LD products with our new compare product feature.  Click on the compare button for any item you want to add to the product compare list. See image below.Once you are ready to view the products you have added to your product comparison page, simply click on the "Product Comparison" button in the upper right hand corner, just above the product images. You will notice it also tells you the number of products you have there. After you are directed to the product comparison page,  you will be able to see all the products you are interested in together and from there ..

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Your affiliate account is where you can change your account information, track your sales, and get your tracking code.  To access your account go here.Sign in with your affiliate email and password.Your affiliate account will look like:..
Costco has the best deals for printing but figuring out how to upload your own photocard is a trick!1.  Go to Costco.com Photo Center and sign in.2.  Go to  UPLOAD PHOTOS and upload your photocards you have made. See our tutorial of how to make them in Pixlr.3.  Click on SHOP CARDS in top menu4. Click on 6x7.5 Photo Greeting Cards 5. Choose More6. You can switch the orientation at the bottom with the radial button if need be7. When the Save Dialog opens up, name your project.  It will default to today's date. Click Save.8. Click Continue9. If it looks great, ..
Using fonts with ligatures

A Smart Font is a .OTF font that has alternate characters and ligatures.  A ligature is where two or more graphemes or letters are joined as a single glyph.  It is common to see AE or OE as a ligature (Æ or Œ ).  When you use a regular font, you have to type a code to create a ligature.  For AE you must type alt + 0198 in Windows.  But when you use a .OTF Smart Font, as soon as you type AE it will automatically be replaced with Æ if that was one of the characters in the Smart Font.  

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You can easily add any item to your new LD wishlist by simply clicking on the heart icon next to the product image. Your wish list will store indefinitely, and you can continue to add items and store them. When you are ready to visit your wishlist, go to "My Account" at the top right hand corner of the page and select "Wish List." You will be directed to your wishlist. From here, you can add items to your cart, or remove them by clicking on the red x. ..
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What is an affiliate program?

An affiliate program allows websites to earn a commission fee based on referrals. If you have a website or blog, you can advertise for LetteringDelights.com and every time a user clicks from your site to ours and makes a purchase, we'll pay you 20% of that sale.

How much can one earn?

We pay 20% of every sale.

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