LetteringDelights is changing.  We've  launched a new site and that brings big changes. We apologize for any problems you may occur with this change.  We've put together a list of bullet points about some of the things you may want to know.

  • Your information is secure and you will still have access to all your product.
  • Your product and downloads are available in your Account now rather your Library.

Cut Sets are vector images that are meant to be used with cutting machines like a Zing, Silhouette, Pazzles or more. There are many machines on the market. Cut It files are files that look like graphics but they actually can be read as cutting paths by the cutting machines. With a cutting machine and cut it files you will eliminate your need to use scissors for crafting projects ever again! These files LOOK like graphics, but they are actually very different. They file is made up of multiple layers.
svg blow apart

When using MTC there is no need to change software to print out other elements for your crafting.  Simple print right from MTC.  This feature is especially helpful when you are doing print and cut projects but many crafters just need to print a simple sentiment for a card or a tag.

The Print command is available under the File menu.  Clicking on it will open a dialog window that is typical to any print dialog window you've seen when you've printed from any other program on your computer.  

The following video shows how you can type a sentiment and print it right in MTC.

If you own a cutting machine, MTC is the software program you need to unleash your creativity and transform your favorite Lettering Delights cut-it files into fabulous cut projects.

Easily cut anything you can imagine. Access and customize your cut files including your Lettering Delights Library. Get exclusive content like the free Create-A-Card set and shop LD for additional new cut-it sets directly from MTC. You can do so much with Make-The-Cut software and your cutting machine!

Make-The-Cut software works with most cutting machines (see list below). And get this, after you purchase the software for just $58.36, you'll never spend another dime because all updates are FREE!

Buy Make-The-Cut now or update your existing MTC software to access new Lettering Delights features by clicking here.

Once upon a time LetteringDelights use a program called "The Creative Companion" and the file format we used with it was sold as .exe files.;

Now we package our files in .zip files, as is the standard for most downloadable product on the web.   A .zip file is a commonly used file format that compresses files to make them easier to download. There are many programs available online that allow you to unzip/extract these files, some are trial based or require a purchase and others are free. Most every device comes with a free way to access your files that are "zipped". In Windows, right mouse click over the .zip file and you should have options to "extract" the file. On a Mac, doubleclick over the .zip file.Take care where you are extracting the file. As you "unzip" a file, you will be given an option of where you want to store it.  We suggest you keep all your LD product in one location on your computer.  If you save your .zip files to that location, when you unzip the files, the products will organize themselves by product name.

Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Sure Cuts A Lot (SCAL) is easy to use software that supports our cutting files.  This software will work in a number of different cutting machines:Sizzix eclips™Craftwell eCraft™Black Cat Cougar/Lynx™Boss Kut Gazelle™GCC™Pazzles Inspiration™Silhouette SD/CAMEO/Portrait™Silver Bullet™USCutter™VinylExpress™  many moreSCAL features include:the ability to use your own fontsworks great with dingbat fontsimports svg, pdf, eps, ai, wpc, and dxf fileshas drawing tools and the ability to edit shapeswelding abilitiesselect and supports stylesrhinestone templates and lattice shapesauto tracing ..
New to LD?  Here is a quick run-down on how to shop and access your files:Shop and add product to your cart.Sign into your account.  You will need to be signed in to use most the coupon codes or add favorites to your wish list.If you are interested in several items, you might want to use the compare feature. Learn more about it here.If there is product you love but don't want to buy right now, add to your wish list by clicking on the heart icon.  Learn more.Access your shopping cart by clicking on the small cart icon in the upper-right hand corner and click&n..
Dino-mite Cut Bundle.  Save 40% on the bundle.  Save even more with coupon code: DinoDeal (you must spend $10 or more for coupon code to apply) Dino-mite Graphics Bundle. Save 40% on the bundle.  Save even more with coupon code: DinoDeal (you must spend $10 or more for coupon code to apply) FREEBIE for this week: Dino-mite CP Dino Dollars FREE!  Put $3 of product in your cart  on top of the Dino Dollars and get the dino dollars free with coupon code: Dino$  And Another Font Bundle featuring the awesome Ampersand Doodlebat!  Get 9 fonts an..


Learn how to make this easy monogram in a shape!  We did ours in vinyl. You can do it in anything.  This is how.

Earn the Circus Pals Collection on qualifying orders of $11 or more. Offer valid from February 16th - March 17th  The Circus Pals Collection: Circus Pals - CS $4 Circus Pals - GS $3 Circus Pals - Pockets - CP $5 Circus Pals - Faces - GS $4 Circus Pals - Train - CP $4 ..
Earn the McStuffing - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $5 or more. Offer valid from November 4th - November 28th McStuffing - Promotional Bundle: McStuffing - CS$5.00McStuffing - GS$4.00McStuffing - CP$5.00McStuffing - AL$4.00Total$18.00 How to redeem: Add McStuffing - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $5 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: gobble The entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be subtracted from your cart. ..
Earn the Winter Cuties - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $9 or more. Offer valid from January 5th - February 9th Winter Cuties - Promotional Bundle: Winter Cuties - GS$4Winter Cuties - CS$5Winter Cuties - Sentiments - GS$4Winter Cuties - Sentiments - CS$5Winter Cuties - Love - GS$4Winter Cuties - Love - CS$5Winter Cuties - AL$4Winter Cuties - Love - AL$4Winter Cuties - PP$2Total:$37 How to redeem: Add Winter Cuties - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $9 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: winter The entire value of the bundle (n..
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Earn the Little Monsters - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $13 or more.Offer valid from May 3rd - June 7thLittle Monsters - Promotional Bundle:PN Sharkyfeet - FN$3.00PN Vantage Stance - FN$3.00ZP Maury Me Bold - FN$3.00ZP Maury Me - FN$3.00Little Monsters - GS$5.00Little Monsters - CS$6.00Little Monsters And Mom - GS$5.00Little Monsters And Mom - CS$6.00Little Monsters Party - GS$5.00Little Monsters Party - CS$6.00Little Monsters Party - PR$5.00Little Monsters - CP$5.00Little Monsters - AL$4.00Little Monsters - PP$2.00Total:$61How to redeem: Add Little Monsters - Promotional Bundle..
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