Yes.  Your files need to be unzipped.

If you have Windows:  

  1. Save your zipped file to a standard location.  We recommend putting all your LD files in one location.  
  2. Right mouse click on the zipped file.
  3. Choose "Extract All".  You will see a folder appear within that directory you are currently.  The new folder will have the name of the product and as long as you unzip files in the same location, all the product types with the same name will appear in sub directories under that parent file.  For example, if you purchased "The Three Bears" Alphabet and "The Three Bears" Graphic Set, there would be only one folder named "The Three Bears".  Within that folder you would find sub directories named "Alphabet" and "Graphics Set"

The Conical Warp Tool in MTC is a great tool for anyone who wants to make cute cupcake, mug, or cup wrappers.  Besides making wrappers, the conical warp tool is perfect to help warp imagery or words so they can be curved around a round object perfectly.

To use the Conical Warp Tool to make a cupcake wrapper follow these directions:

  1. Start by importing .svg or image file that have enough width to wrap a cupcake.
  2. Select image
  3. Click on the Conical Warp Tool in the bottom menu (looks like an arch)
  4. If your imagery or file is very tall, chances are you will want to click "Trim Bottom Overhang".  The other default settings in the Conical Warp Tool are designed to fit a cupcake wrapper.  Keep as is.

The native file format for Silhouette Studio is .studio.  It cannot import .svg unless you have upgraded and bought the Designer Edition.  If you do not wish to pay for the upgrade, we suggest using .dxf files.  The disadvantage to .dxf files is that they do not come in layered like a .svg file.  It can also be difficult to see what they are as there are not thumbnail images of them until they are imported into your Silhouette Studio Library.  

You can choose to open a .dxf file by clicking "Open" and changing Files of type filed to "All Files" or "DXF".  Navigate to the folder where your LD .dxf files are stored, choose a file and click "open".

One of the lesser known features available in MTC is the ability to change colors and textures of imagery.  This comes in handy when you need imagery to match a specific project you are doing.  The following video explains the process:

The only Cricut machine that is capable of using .svg files is the Cricut Explore.  To import .svg files, you must use Cricut Design Space.


Cricut Design Space is online software.  You don't need to download software on to your computer.  That is a great pro unless you don't have internet connection.  

To import .svg files to Cricut Design Space do the following:ottom right-hand corner.  The cutting process will begin.  

Please follow directions carefully so you can get this product FREE as you check out!  

Earn the entire "Pool Party" Collection FREE! This $18 value is yours FREE when you spend $7 anytime from July 3-July 31 (Midnight MST) and you sue code: PoolParty

Read carefully to make sure you understand:

  1. Add the Pool Party Bundle to your cart.  Do not add the individual items.  This coupon will only work if you add the bundle.
  2. Add other product to your cart so your whole shopping cart is equals or exceeds $18 (the discounted value of the bundle plus another $7).
  3. You can add other product to your cart if you wish but you can check out after that requirement is met.

See the whole Pool Party Collection here:

If you are new to cutting machines and cutting files you will find out that as awesome as cutting machines can be, that often your brand new mat can be TOO sticky!  Your paper will not only be "clinging" desperately to your paper, you might find it nearly impossible to get it off without tearing it.  Here is some advice:You can "de-sticky" a mat by touching it with fabric.  We recommend clean cotton.  A clean dish towel will work or even a clean t-shirt.  Some people suggest lightly touching it to their carpet.  That might work if your carpet isn't too new or you ..

combining in pixlr

Combining elements when making projects, photocards, cards, or whatever you are doing is easy in Pixlr.  

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


Earn the "Happy Mew Year" Collection Free when you spend only $8 between December 23 and January 15th and you follow the instructions below:Add the Happy Mew Year Collection to your cart. Do not add the individual items to your cart. The coupon will not work if you do.Add another $8 in product to your cart (or more).Go to check out.Add coupon code:  mew2youThe entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be extracted from your cart.The "Happy Mew Year Collection" includes the following:Happy Mew Year Cut Set $5Happy Mew Year Graphics Set $4Happy Mew ..

If you buy your fonts on Lettering Delights or our sister site, ScrapNFonts, you might want to keep them organized in Silhouette Studio's Library.  This is easy to do:

  1. Go to File>Import>Import to Library
  2. import font

Earn the American Woman - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $10 or more. Offer valid from June 30th - August 4th American Woman - Promotional Bundle: American Woman - GS$4American Woman - CS$5American Woman - Sentiments - GS$4American Woman - Sentiments - CS$5American Woman - CP$5American Woman - PP$3American Woman - AL$4American Woman - Party - PR$6Total:$36 How to redeem: Add American Woman - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $10 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: america The entire value of the bund..
Earn the Simple As Pie - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $15 or more. Offer valid from September 14th - October 19th Simple As Pie - Promotional Bundle: Mask-ateer Cards - CP$4Bountiful - GS$4Bountiful - CS$4Vrooom - CS$4Mesozoic Mania - CS$4Tea for Two - CS$4Message Me - CS$4Princess Z - CS$4Tin Soldiers - CS$4Vintage Christmas - CS$4Potted Posies - CS$4Emphera - CS$4Hectic Geometric - CS$4Sweet Shop - CS$4Oh, Snap - CS$4Memory Keepers - CS$4Party On - CS$4Party On Animals - CS$4Free Spirit - CS$4Rain or Shine - CS$4Squawkers - CS$4Rock-a-bye - CS$4Word Tags - CS$4Vi..
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To celebrate the launching of our new site, we are starting off with the "Stellar Cellar Sale".   The LD Cellar is new to LD.  Part of launching a new site was the ability to give ALL our customers access to all their product they have bought over the years.  That is a long history since we've been selling online digital files since 2000!  We have moved all our product that was created prior to 2007 into the LD Cellar.  Use coupon code: StellarLearn more about LD Cellar product here.  It is older product which is why we can afford a sale like this!   buy 3..
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