Due to the nature of our products, we do not issue refunds or returns with the following exceptions:

If a product is defective and you tell us within 21 days, we will either provide a replacement that works in your environment or refund your money.

If you purchase the wrong version of a file (i.e. graphics rather than cut set)  and tell us within 7 days, we will switch your order to the correct version at no charge. 

Joanna is our Pazzles expert.  She is familiar with both the Inspiration and the InVue software.  Follow her tutorial on how to print and cut using Inspiration and InVue software and her Pazzles machine.Joanna also has an easy to follow video.  Check it out:How to Print and Cut With Pazzles Inspiration How to Print and Cut With Pazzles InVue ..
We apologize! We made a big mistake. We accidentally sent out a newsletter/e-card a day before product was released!  That was just a dumb mistake made by an employee struggling with dates!  Don't we all struggle with dates at one time or another?  Although you would think sitting at a computer, there would be little excuse to get it wrong!  That is why we have the TOP FIVE WAYS LD WILL MAKE OUR MISTAKE OKAY... and they are: We added a special FREEBIE from Sheri and it will be FREE for the whole month!  We've extended the Friday FREEBIE to be free ..
When the new site launched, we admit, we lost some of the searching filters that made life convenient. We've been working on improving it and making it work in mobile devices. More improvements are coming with more filters.   To search particular product types, or within a sale, or the Clearance area (Cellar), you need to do the following: Click on small magnifying glass in upper right hand corner to start Search (a full page opens) Click on the drop down arrow next to All, so the product categories fan out below Choose the product category, Clearance, or Sale Type in your search..
Earn the Bug-Eyed Birds and Bugs Collection on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from March 18th - April 15th The Bug-Eyed Birds and Bugs Promotional Bundle: Bug-eyed - Bugs - CS $5 Bug-eyed - Bugs - GS $4 Bug-eyed - Bugs - AL $4 Bug-eyed - PP $2 Bug-eyed - Birds - CS $5 Bug-eyed - Birds - GS $4 Bug-eyed - Birdhouses - CP $3 Total $27 How to redeem: ..
Earn the Must Have Matchbox Cards - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from January 6th - February 15th Must Have Matchbox Cards - Promotional Bundle: SNF Ruffles Script - FN$3.00PN Earthlings Rule - FN$3.00PN Marshmallow Treats - FN$3.00Must Have Matchbox Cards - PR$7.00Must Have Matchbox Cards - CP$6.00 Total:$22.00 How to redeem: Add Must Have Matchbox Cards - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $7 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: matchbox The entire value of the bundle (..
LetteringDelights.com Terms of Service (“TOS”) Single User Standard License The following is a legal agreement between you ("you" or "Customer") and Inspire Graphics, Inc., DBA Lettering Deliights (“LD”), a Utah corporation. Please read these TOS carefully before purchasing, downloading and using any LD fonts, alphabets, graphic designs, cut-its or any other digital content (“Product”). By downloading any product, you agree to be bound by the terms of these TOS, as well as any other terms published on the Lettering Delights website. You also agree that the products are the proper..

All of our product uses abbreviations.  We have been working towards unified abbreviations for quite some time in our product.  This abbreviation is used in your individual downloaded files and images too.  The following is a list of our abbreviations:

  • al - alphabet
  • bd - bundle
Joanna from I Love 2 Cut Paper shows us how to make easy shaped cards from LD SVGS.  Follow her tutorial here...
Teacher, teacher I declare, look at what I have to share!We've got ideas!  Here are our top ten!1. Make a darling A-Z blog post, booklet, scrapbook, whatever! 2. A-Z wall decor...or chalkboard.  Use the printables or make your own with the graphics, cut set, or alphabet!3. Alphabet Wall4. If you are a teacher or a parent who is helping teaching at home, use the "extras" to make a Blends poster.  What are blends?  Blends are two letters who work together but still keep their own sounds like "bl".  We've got them covered in the "extras" file.  So as a hint they..
The Gobble it Up BOGO Promotion has begun and will run from November 25th - December 30th midnight MST.  This special BOGO promotion allows you to not only to BUY ONE, GET ONE FREE with coupon code: GobbleItUp ...it will also allow you to apply the promotion to our already incredibly marked down Holiday product!  BOGO pricing details:Products must be of similar product types. Buy one alphabet, get one alphabet FREE or buy one bundle, get one bundle priced the same or lower FREE.The lower priced item will be the FREE item.  If you buy one alphabet that is 75% off and one alphabet..
Earn the Floral Shop Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from April 15th - May 27th Floral Shop Bundle: Floral Shop - CS $4 Floral Shop - GS $4 Floral Shop - CP $5 Floral Shop - AL $4 Floral Shop - PP $2 Floral Shop Talk - GS $5 Floral Shop Cards - PR $9 Total $33 How to redeem: Add Floral Shop Bundle to Cart Add another $7 or..
Earn the Just Smile - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $10 or more. Offer valid from February 17th - March 24th Just Smile - Promotional Bundle: Just Smile - GS$5Just Smile - CS$6Just Smile - Expressions - GS$4Just Smile - Expressions - CS$5Just Smile - Faces - CS$5Just Smile - Face Cards - PR$4Just Smile - PP$3Just Smile - AL$4Total:$36 How to redeem: Add Just Smile - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $10 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: smile The entire value of the bundle (not t..
We made it!  We launched the new site.  It has been an ARDUOUS journey and it is not over yet.  But the site is up and good things are coming.  Read more about it here.  This article will give you valuable links to things you need to know.  We have a library of information that will help in addition, far more than we had on the old site.  We hope it helps your experience on LD.  If there are articles and tutorials you need, please use the contact form and let us know! We hope you enjoy your new shopping experience and look forward to the updates o..
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