An alphabet is a full-color set of letters and is made up of individual image files. These image files can be imported, viewed, arranged, printed, and changed in a graphics editing software such as PhotoShop or word processing programs such as Word. There are a few ways to use an alphabet.  The easiest way is to use the online tool for alphabets.  Learn about that here.If you would rather you can download the whole alphabet.  It will come in a zipped file.  Learn how to unzip it here.Once your folder is unzipped you will have a large folder of letters, numbers, and cha..

Fonts and Alphabets:

Do you consider yourself a font lover and just love to use creative new fonts?  Learn what a font is and how to install one here.  

If you love fonts, you will love our alphabets.  They are different from fonts because they are in full-color.  Learn about alphabets here and how alphabets differ from fonts.

Fonts vs. Alphabets

One of our favorite designers, Sheri McCulley is back and she has been busy!  She's been writing books and they are darling!  They are being published by Story Nite Press and are available on Amazon.  She has two right now, although their are four in the works.  Little Cuties Let's Pretend Animals and Little Cuties Let's Pretend In The Garden.  Both are so darling and must haves, regardless if you have a little cutie at home or not! The stars of these little books are the Little Cuties and we are soooo lucky at LD to be able to feature them as Grap..
Earn the "Easy Doe It" Bundle Free when you spend only $8 between October 29 and November 30th and you follow the instructions below:Add the Easy Doe it Bundle to your cart. Do not add the individual items to your cart. The coupon will not work if you do.Add another $8 in product to your cart (or more).Go to check out.Add coupon code: DoeItThe entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be extracted from your cart.The "Easy Doe It" Bundle includes the following:Doe-re-mi Cut Set $5Doe-re-mi Graphics Set $4Doe-re-mi Paper Pack $2Doe-re-mi Printables (with posters, card and envelo..
Earn the Spring Break Product Line on qualifying orders of $6 or more. Offer valid from March 11th - April 7th Spring Break Product Line: Spring Break - PP $2 Spring Break - GS $4 Spring Break - Frames $2 Spring Break - CS $5 Spring Break - AL $4 Total $17 How to redeem: Add the ALL of the  Spring Break Product Line to your cart. *coupon only works when you add all 5 Spring Break products Add another $6 or mor..
Earn the Kiss the Year Goodbye - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $5 or more. Offer valid from December 23rd - October 6th Kiss the Year Goodbye - Promotional Bundle: Kiss the Year Goodbye - GS$4.00Kiss the Year Goodbye - PP$2.00Kiss the Year Goodbye Cracker Boxes - CP$3.00Kiss the Year Goodbye Photo Props - CS$5.00Kiss the Year Goodbye Disco Ball - CP$2.00Kiss the Year Dress Up - CP$3.00Kiss the Year Goodbye Party Printables - PR$4.00Total$23.00 How to redeem: Add Kiss the Year Goodbye - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $5 or more in..
Earn the Feeling Sheepish - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $8 or more. Offer valid from March 9th - April 6th Feeling Sheepish - Promotional Bundle: Feeling Sheepish - GS $4 Feeling Sheepish - CS $5 Feeling Sheepish - Puns - GS $4 Feeling Sheepish - Puns - CS $5 Feeling Sheepish - CP $5 Feeling Sheepish - AL $4 Feeling Sheepish - PP $3 Total: $30 How to redeem: Add Feeling Sheepish - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $8 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: she..
Earn the Kicks and Giggles Bundle on qualifying orders of $9 or more. Offer valid from Aug 9th - Sep 13th Kicks and Giggles Bundle: Kicks and Giggles - AL$4Kicks and Giggles - GS$4Kicks and Giggles - PP$2Kicks and Giggles - CS$5Turtle Power - AL$4Turtle Power - CP$5Just Giggles - AL$4Giggles - GS$4Giggles - CS$5Turtle Power Party - PR$3Teacher's Pet - PP$2ZP Kicks and Giggles - FN$3Total:$45 How to redeem: Add Kicks and Giggles Bundle to Cart Add another $9 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: giggles..

Lettering Delights affiliate program is free and enables members to earn revenue by placing a link or links on their website which advertises LD or specific products.  Any sales made to customers who have clicked on those links will earn the affiliate commission.  The standard commission rate is currently 20%.  

Not only does an affiliate earn 20% commission on the product they advertised, they earn the 20% commission on the entire purchase.


1.  Read through the FAQ's below

2.  Review the Affiliate Terms of Agreement

Please read the following agreement before registering.

Terms of Agreement

These terms will begin upon your acceptance to our affiliate program and will end when your account is terminated by either party pursuant to this Agreement. We reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Affiliates will be notified of changes by registered email. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, you may terminate your account at any time. Your continuing participation in the program will constitute a binding acceptance of the change.

Enrollment in the Program
Open your InVue SoftwareGo to File>Import>SVG/PVG/WPCNavigate to your previously saved SVG fileClick OpenThe default for InVue is to bring every SVG in grouped.  If you need it ungrouped, click on the red x at the top of your selectionIf you have a file that must have a specific size, you need to take care of sizing in InVue.  InVue uses 72 DPI while software like MTC and Inkscape uses 90 DPI.  This will make files bigger in InVue.  To resize, go the the drop down box in the upper left-hand corner that says "Move To".  Use the drop down arrow to change it to W/H ..
The Tweeny Bopper Product is part of the Dear Tween Bundle, which matches our Dear Diary product.  You can get $21 in Tweeny Bopper product for FREE when you follow the instructions CAREFULLY below.  The product is worth 21!  Dear Diary Student Planner with 2015-16 Calendar, Weekly Organizers, Daily Organizers, and more... $6Tweeny Bopper Cut Set $5Tweeny Bopper Graphic Set $4Tweeny Bopper Alphabet $4Tweeny Bopper Paper Pack $2TOTAL = $21 How to get the product for FREE from September 3 - October 3rd. Add the Dear Tween Bundle to your cart. Do not add the ..
When the new site launched, we admit, we lost some of the searching filters that made life convenient. We've been working on improving it and making it work in mobile devices. More improvements are coming with more filters.   To search particular product types, or within a sale, or the Clearance area (Cellar), you need to do the following: Click on small magnifying glass in upper right hand corner to start Search (a full page opens) Click on the drop down arrow next to All, so the product categories fan out below Choose the product category, Clearance, or Sale Type in your search..
Earn the Bug-Eyed Birds and Bugs Collection on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from March 18th - April 15th The Bug-Eyed Birds and Bugs Promotional Bundle: Bug-eyed - Bugs - CS $5 Bug-eyed - Bugs - GS $4 Bug-eyed - Bugs - AL $4 Bug-eyed - PP $2 Bug-eyed - Birds - CS $5 Bug-eyed - Birds - GS $4 Bug-eyed - Birdhouses - CP $3 Total $27 How to redeem: ..
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