Earn the So Fraken Cute - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $13 or more. Offer valid from October 6th - November 3rd So Fraken Cute - Promotional Bundle: So Franken Cute - GS$4So Franken Cute - CS$5So Franken Cute - Sentiments - GS$4So Franken Cute - Sentiments - CS$5So Franken Cute - PP$3So Franken Cute - AL$4So Franken Cute - Milk Cartons - CP$6So Franken Cute - Purses- CP$6Total:$37 How to redeem: Add So Fraken Cute - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $13 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: franken T..
Earn the So Very Merry - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $10 or more. Offer valid from November 30th - January 4th So Very Merry - Promotional Bundle: So Very Merry - GS $5 So Very Merry - CS $6 So Very Merry - Sayings - GS $4 So Very Merry - Sayings - CS $5 So Very Merry - CP $6 So Very Merry - Advent - CP $4 So Very Merry - PP $2 So Very Merry - AL $4 Total: $36 How to redeem: Add So Very Merry - P..
My library has been replaced with "Your Account".  Sign in the upper right-hand corner.  Your orders show your purchases and purchase information."Your Library" is now "My Downloads"...
August 14-19, you will want to take advantage of these 5 amazing deals!  The Kawaii-a-bunga Cut Set Bundle has 37 individual sets and over 650 cutting files!  The files were built with easy to leave off faces so you can easily drop. Get this Cut Set for only $18 on August 14-19th for only $18 when you use coupon code: 545KWCS after you add the Kawaii-a-bunga Cut Set Bundle to your cart. The Kawaii-a-bunga Graphics Bundle has 37 individual sets and over 1200 graphics files!  Nearly every image has a "kawaii" version with a happy face and a plainer version without a face..
Everything is more fun with friends and that is why we invite you to share your love for LD.  When you do, you will not only give your friend a 50% discount, you will earn $5 for yourself when your friend makes his/her first purchase.  We want to make it easy for you and don't want you or your friends to miss out.  Follow the directions below: Visit the referral account page Have your friends' email addresses ready.  You can type in as many as ten at a time. You can personalize your message or go with the default message.  Your friends will get an email. You wi..
You can get $38 in Punkin Head product for FREE when you follow the instructions CAREFULLY below.   Punkin Head Printables with 8 cupcake wraps, 12 toppers, 2 treat tents, 2 cone wrappers, 2 lollipop tents, 12 pennants, 3 treat bag toppers, 1 candy bar wrap, 7 bottle labels, 6 favor boxes, and a gift bag $18 (see photo Punkin Head Cut Set $5 Punkin Head Graphic Set $4 Punkin Head Alphabet $4 Punkin Head Paper Pack $2 Punkin Head Cut Alphabet $5 TOTAL = $38  (the product is marked down 40% to 22.80 for those who want to buy it as a discounted bundle rather..

A layered font is simple a font that is meant to be layered. The upper and lower cases work together so you can have two colors in one font. These fonts work great for cutting machines and our layered fonts are made with care so that they are especially clean for great cutting. When possible we try to stencil items to help make easier cutting as well. To use a layered font follow the following directions:

using layered fonts

STEP 1 Sign into your account or if you're a new customer, Create an account STEP 2 Visit "Redeem a Code" in your account menu. STEP 3 Enter your code and enjoy!..
Earn the What's Cooking - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $9 or more. Offer valid from November 3rd - December 8th What's Cooking - Promotional Bundle: What's Cooking - GS$5What's Cooking - CS$6What's Cooking - Too - GS$4What's Cooking - Too - CS$5What's Cooking - AL$4What's Cooking - PP$2What's Cooking - Cards - CP$5Total:$31 How to redeem: Add What's Cooking - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $9 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: cooking The entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will..
Earn the Calendar Animals - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $12 or more. Offer valid from Jan 4th - Feb 8th Calendar Animals - Promotional Bundle: Calendar Animals - GS$4Calendar Animals - CS$5Calendar Animals - Heads - GS$4Calendar Animals - Heads - CS$5Calendar Animals - Quotes - GS$4Calendar Animals - Quotes - CS$5Calendar Animals - Planner Dividers - GS$4Calendar Animals - Planner Dividers - CP$5Calendar Animals - Planner Stickers - PR$4Calendar Animals - PP$2Calendar Animals - AL$4Total:$46 How to redeem: Add Calendar Animals - Promotional Bundle to Cart ..

Welcome to Lettering Delights.  Lettering Delights started off many years ago, selling creative fonts at a time when there were little choices for fonts on the market.  It has grown since then, adding many different types of artistic and creative digital product for crafters, artists, desktop publishers, teachers, and anyone who likes to embellish photos, projects, and documents.  

ld product examples
Silhouette Studio Software works exclusively on the Silhouette machines.  This easy to use software comes in two version.  There is the basic FREE version and for $49 more, a designer edition.  Both versions are meant to be used with our cut set files.  Both versions have the following features in common:font accessability to use jpg, bmp, and png filesability to use image effects such and tint and color saturationability to print and cutThe Designer Edition has the following extra features:ability to use SVG files w/o convertinglayersadvanced eraser and knife featurssketch..
Lettering Delights (LD) has a long history of selling digital and downloadable files on the web.  Learn more about our history here.   Learning about our product:We know it may take some time to understand what we sell and how to use our product.  To make it easy for you to play with product, we have given you over $40 in free product that is available to anyone who has a LD account, which is free to open.  Learn more about your account with $40+ in product here.Need more information about the product types and how to use them?  Learn about them here or use t..

Make cute cards, crafts, notes, scrapbook memories and more with LD product.


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