The newest Pazzles machine is called the Inspiration Vūe™ and it comes with software that is compatible for both PC and Mac, called InVue.  It is a great machine and software that has the following features:Cut any true type fontswelding, outlining, and vectorizationimport and save in SVG formatOver the years there have been different versions of their machine and software.  Some of these free Pazzles videos may apply to your software and machine.  Check them out here...
Pixlr is a photo and graphics editor that works right in your online browser for FREE.  You have full control over your images, including layers and effects.  This program has many bells and whistles some of which are:Great photo editing tools including red eye reduction, spot healing, dodging, smudging, cloning, sharpening, blending, and much more.Layers palette History palette with multiple undosText capabilitiesHundreds of photo filters combinationsThe ability to adjust brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color, levels, curves, exposure, and morePixlr is the perfect tool t..
Celebrate with LD! 40k Members and Counting Congratulations on reaching 40K members! To help you celebrate your achievement, LD is giving all members the Nutcracker Takeout Boxes Cut Project Set shown above!  To grab this set absolutely FREE, first create a FREE Lettering Delights  Account, then simply add the Nutcracker Takeout Boxes to your cart and enter coupon code:  40kCricut. You can then choose the FREE CHECKOUT option or continue shopping our Christmas Sale! Grab your FREE Nutcracker Takout Boxes now! Also, to help celebrate...One LUCKY person* will a..
Earn the Alouette Bundle on qualifying orders of $5 or more. Offer valid from April 29th - June 3rd Alouette Bundle: Alouette - CS $5 Alouette - GS $4 Alouette - AL $4 Alouette - PP $2 Total $15 How to redeem: Add Alouette Bundle to Cart Add another $5 or more in product to your cart. At check out, add coupon code: alouette The entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be subtracted from yo..
Earn the Tra-lo-las - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $10 or more. Offer valid from March 24th - April 28th Tra-lo-las - Promotional Bundle: Tra-lo-las - GS $4.00 Tra-lo-las - CS $5.00 Tra-lo-las - Easter - GS $3.00 Tra-lo-las - Easter - CS $4.00 Tra-lo-las - Flowers - GS $4.00 Tra-lo-las - Flowers - CS $5.00 Tra-lo-las - AL $4.00 Tra-lo-las - PP $2.00 Total: $31 How to redeem: Add Tra-lo-las - Promotional Bundle to Cart Add another $10 or more in product to your cart..

Graphic Sets are very useful. Here is an easy bullet point list of the uses and benefits:

Projects using Graphics
WE HAVE FOUR SUBSCRIPTION TYPES: Cuttable Subscription: Includes all simple shapes, cut its, cut tiles, print and cuts, thin fonts, sketches. Graphics Product Subscription: Includes all clipart, graphics, paper packs, printables, and anything under the Graphics category. Lettering Subscription: Includes all fonts, alphabets, and doodlebats. Combo Subscriptions: Includes all the above Please note: Cuttable, Graphics, and Lettering Subscriptions are limited to 10 credits/day in product.  Combo Subscription is li..
If you have an LD Subscription, you will have the option to buy items using points. Depending on the subscription you purchased, you will have 10-15 points per day to use, and those points are localized to the type of subscription package you purchased.  Your points will be renewed  every night at midnight, MST daily.To use your points, login to your account and go to the product category enabled by your subscription. Choose your item and select "Use Points." Underneath you will see the amount of  points you have to use and the time remaining before the points reset. You will al..
Most cutting machines are dependent upon a sticky cutting mat to hold your material in place while it gets cut.  Eventually you will find your cutting mat isn't sticky enough.  We have several tips:1. Clean your cutting mat:Submerge mat in warm soapy water until all the paper dissolves away.  Let air dry.Use baby wipes and wipe away all the gunk.Products such as Goof Off and nail polish remover can help clean a mat.  Use with caution.  Always try it in a small corner first to make sure you aren't ruining your mat.2. Use tape right on your mat to hold your paper in plac..
making photocards

Go to Pixlr Online.  Follow these easy steps:


Earn the "Seasons Greetings" Collection Free when you spend only $5 between December 1 and December 25th and you follow the instructions below:Add the Seasons Greetings Collection to your cart. Do not add the individual items to your cart. The coupon will not work if you do.Add another $5 in product to your cart (or more).Go to check out.Add coupon code: Joy5The entire value of the bundle (not the discounted value) will be extracted from your cart.The "Seasons Greetings Collection" includes the following:Seasons Greetings Cut Set $5Seasons Greetings Graphics Set $4Seasons G..
Earn the Ob La Di Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $7 or more. Offer valid from May 13th - June 17th Ob La Di Promotional Bundle: Ob La Di - GS $4.00 Ob La Di - CS $5.00 Ob La Di - Life - GS $4.00 Ob La Di - Life - CS $5.00 Ob La Di - Cards - PR $4.00 Ob La Di - Cards - CP $4.00 Ob La Di - PP $2.00 Ob La Di - AL $4.00 Total $32 How to redeem: Add Ob La Di Promotional Bu..
Earn the Floret Nouveau - Promotional Bundle on qualifying orders of $9 or more. Offer valid from April 28th - June 2nd Floret Nouveau - Promotional Bundle: Floret Nouveau - GS $4 Floret Nouveau - SS $5 Floret Nouveau - Expressions - GS $4 Floret Nouveau - Expressions - SS $5 Floret Nouveau - Square Boxes - CP $5 Floret Nouveau - Gift Cards - CP $5 Floret Nouveau - PP $2 Floret Nouveau - AL $3 Total: $33 How to redeem: Add Floret Nouveau - Promotional Bundle to Cart ..
Our teacher subscription offer has currently been discontinued. For teachers who have paid for their subscription, it will continue until the time frame of your subscription ends. If you currently have a teacher subscription, we ask that for the time being you access your product by doing the following: 1. Sign into your account. 2. Go to the product you wish to download.  If your subscription is active, you will have a download link.  Click it and download. Bundles are not available through the subscription.  You will need to go to the individual items.   TEACHER SU..
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